Savings Point Guide
Period of use
Savings earned from orders will be available 20days after the delivery has been made.
It will be considered as "unavailable savings" for 20days.
Unavailable savings will be temporary in the case of refunds or order cancellations.
Available savings (total savings - used savings - unavailable savings) can be used immediately when making purchases.

Terms of use
Regardless of the checkout price, the savings point have to be above $5 to be used.
Upon cancellation or refund, savings point will automatically be restored and only the remaining balance will be refunded.

Ex) item1($50) + item2($30) + $5 savings: actual payment is $75
-> Upon refunding item2: $5 savings is restored and $25 will be refunded.

Expiring conditions
If a coupon has been used for a purchase and there's been a cancellation or a refund.
The coupon is considered 'used' and will not be refunded.
Upon unregistering, savings will be dissolved.
Savings point will dissolve after 3years if no additional savings are being made from the time of your last accumulated savings.
Discount Coupon guide
Terms of use
Each coupon has a purchase price, so in the case of partial refund that does not fit the purchase price,
the coupon is applied automatically to the refund product.

Ex) item1($60) + item2($20) + $2 coupon (for purchases above $30): actual payment is $78
-> Upon refunding item1: non-refunded item is under $30 so the coupon automatically will be applied to the refund product,
actual refunded money will be $58.